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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oy Vey Watergate or Acid Reflux

Oy Vey Watergate or Acid Reflux
Becoming a World Wide Conspiracy
Tommy Stern

As evidenced by this picture, news has it that Sen. Marco Rubio and the Prime Minister of Israel toasted over water. Originally it was thought that it was an American conspiracy. Could this be the new Middle East (Poland) Spring? The world seems to be coming apart over water, not oil - but could you imagine, water? 

Now the word is getting out that drinking water cools the esophagus, dilutes acid, and helps in getting Acid Reflux sufferers some measure of relief. While we know this is true of chewing gum, it seems water and diet could also have a profound effect on reducing Acid Reflux.

The next big thing we expect to hear is that eating small,  low-fat meals also helps. Who knows what else to expect? (Like us on Facebook).

Could losing weight be next? Could water be the magic elixir? Could this conspiracy be perpetrated by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to make the world healthier by cutting out soda and making sure people don’t smoke?

Whenever I complain about not feeling well, the first thing my doctor asks is “Are you drinking enough water?” I see he is in on the conspiracy also. First drugs, now water; where do the tentacles of the conspiracy lead? Is the AMA now leading the charge? The hospitals may rebel too. If water is the magic drug, who will need hospitals? I’m thinking Reflux Guard should partner with the hospitals – if people don’t suffer and have a Reflux Guard, who will need hospitals? Oy Vey.

We are learning that the world is 71% water, our bodies are 70% water - does anyone see a pattern here?

We will get to the bottom of this conspiracy, if we don’t first drown in the facts.

Stay tuned for the next installment of “Oy Vey Watergate or Acid Reflux”.

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