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Sunday, January 6, 2013

How To Keep Acid Away From Where It Doesn't Belong?

PART 3 - The final installment

How do we keep the acid away from where it doesn't belong?

A lot depends on what the culprit or combinations of problems that are causing the reflux. Ideally, the first solution is to address the source so the body heals itself. But that isn’t always possible. Over time we develop bad habits that are hard to break. Dr. Phil said it best, when he said; “We don’t break bad habits, we replace it with something else.”

Some of these habits are:
  1. Eating too much at one sitting.
  2. Eating fatty foods.
  3. Eating to close to bedtime.
  4. Eating high caloric foods that cause weight gain.
  5. Poor sleeping habits and not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep has shown to cause weight gain.

All of the above will over-stress the esophagus one way or another. Do you have any of these habit? Please comment below. One solution is elevating the head of your bed while you sleep. Doing this helps keep stomach content in the stomach. And if acid should get into the esophagus, it clears it out quicker. Elevating the head of your bed can also aid in snoring, sinus drainage, and can help alleviate the puffiness in your face.
Dear Kim Kardashian, family and friends. I know how agonizing it is to suffer from Acid Reflux. I can’t imagine the suffering or pain your father endured and how you and your family feel of the loss of your father. I ask that you help me help people to avoid that fate. Please contact me to discuss how we can avoid the fate for other families. The next installment of this article will be to discuss what you need to know and can do to protect yourself and family.

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