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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What is Silent Reflux

Recently while online, I found an article for a fundraiser for a lady named Dee Nannenga Walstra Burnette, who is suffering esophageal cancer which was probably caused by Silent Reflux. SilentReflux is when there are no common signs of heartburn or acid reflux that the person recognises. A person will find themselves clearing their throat often or will have a problem with hoarseness. There might be a feeling of a lump in the throat or  difficulty swallowing. Yet another symptom is a chronic cough. Since these symptoms are so different than the typical symptoms of acid reflux, people are not aware that they are having a problem with acid reflux.
While the symptoms might seem different in many ways than normal acid reflux, the issues are the same and so are what you can do to help. While medications can help, so can simple diet changes. Avoid red meat, dairy and fried foods. Losing weight is another way of easing the symptoms. Sleeping on a Reflux Guard can also help with a kick start to losing weight. Since Reflux Guard promotes a better night sleeps by elevating the top of the bed and keeping the acid in stomach and out of the esophagus, making sleep easier. Poor sleep attributes to weight gain in many ways. It can cause a person to eat poorly, by grabbing comfort food or going for a a sugar or caffeine jolt. But not getting enough sleep, also, throws the body's hormones, especially Ghrelin and Leptin, out of whack. These hormones tell the body when to go eat and when to stop eating. So improving sleep, can cause weight loss, and weight loss can improve the Silent Reflux symptoms.